Love Struck with a dash of Autumn!

I have known Nichole since middle school...that was what? Ten years ago ;) That sounds acceptable enough! Anyhow, she married Josh shortly after graduating high school and they have been together ever since. This is not to say that they have not experienced a cake walk marriage, but I know that they have not loved each other more than they do right now. And that is really the goal, isn't it? To continue to grow and fall in love deeper with every passing day. This is something they have continued to achieve and so their successful marriage is apparent. But it is always fun to see that love in pictures; and a bonus to add a beautiful fall background!





After we spent some time at one of the famous covered bridges in Western PA (honestly they are famous! We even have festivals celebrating them.) We spent some time strolling through the park and enjoying the fall scene and laughing of course! Seriously, if you are in a gloomy mode, just spend a few minutes with these two. They will have you laughing in no time!




You just can NOT argue the level of love that is seen when looking at these two! After some time near the creek we had to visit the playground! I mean, who goes to a park and not swing? It keeps us all young at heart!





I know that there are books full of advice for those wanting to achieve a successful marriage and we each have our own opinions to throw in to the hat. I for one feel that enjoying each other is very important. Feeling comfortable enough with your partner and to be friends always is so refreshing. It is so wonderful to have a best friend on hand 24 hours a day.







As the sun began to set and we were getting ready to head home I was curious as to what Nichole and Josh thought were most important to their marriage. Thankfully they were willing to share... "Josh and I have been though an awful lot in our 9 years of marriage, but we can definitely say we are happier now than we have ever been. Marriage can easily be labeled as one of the most difficult experiences in life, it is a never ending work in progress. You and your spouse will have a million other things going on throughout your life together, but it is so important not to let your marriage slip to the bottom of the priority list.

We have definitely learned some things along the way, especially through our roughest times. Never stop "dating" each other is one of the most important in my opinion! It keeps the spark alive when you continue to treat each other the way you did from the very beginning. Never stop complimenting and encouraging your spouse, make time even just one night a week for just the 2 of you whether it be going out for a night or just cuddling on the couch watching your favorite movie.

And always ALWAYS keep the line of communication open! So many marriages fail due to burying feelings rather than discussing them right then and there. Being able to talk with your spouse about anything without fear of judgement builds trust and strengthens your bond together.

Finally, above all else, make God number one in your marriage. With every decision you make, pray together. God does not want to see your marriage fail and believe me when I say, if you ask for His protection and guidance, He will deliver!"

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12