Embracing the lower side of light

Last week I purchased Brittany Chandler's breakout, Finding Lifestyle from the wonderful world of Clickin Moms and it has been so refreshing! It has given me the opportunity to challenge myself in areas that typically scare me; hello higher ISO and grain! Furthermore, I am able to remove myself from the ever so high expectations of the "perfect image" and just enjoy the moment and what is a result of it. Thank You Brittany, for your wonderful breakout and for the renewed outlook on documenting all that inspires me!

One of the challenges in the breakout was all about low light. So, before bed we turned off all of the lights expect for the oven light. Then I encouraged the little one with a few cars and practiced with higher ISO settings, and the following was the outcome :)







It was such a great exercise, and I am looking forward to continuing to build my low light skills. I am very thankful for the Finding Lifestyle breakout!