Eli goes to the Beach-Pittsburgh, Pa Family Photographer

....well, sort of. We were actually in Erie, PA visiting Presque Isle State Park over the Fourth of July weekend. Nothing beats a two hour drive to beach-like conditions with practically no risk of visiting a shark! That is a win win if I ever knew one! The weather was more than beautiful while the area of Pittsburgh saw mostly rainy conditions...which seems to be a common theme this summer. Needless to say, we lucked out. 

Eli spent the first part of the day avoiding the water like the plague as he seemed underwhelmed at the cool 65 degree Lake Erie. However, daddy was able to save the day! 

It took some convincing but Eli eventually gave in and decided to give the water a chance. This is a big deal for our hater of baths and pools! You read that correctly, my two year old shutters at the word bath. Don't ask me why, I am trying to remain empathetic until it passes. :)

Once daddy gave Eli the courage and brother offered to play, we couldn't get him away from it.

And when I write couldn't get him away, I really meant it. He would have played ALL night!

Que in daddy to once again save the day; they are just so good at that!

After a few minutes in daddy's arms he was out like a light and we were able to leave without a struggle.

I am looking forward to our next visit and so grateful to be able to spend such a beautiful weekend with my family without threat thanks to the amazing men and women who fight for my right to do just that. My family is truly thankful and blessed! Thank You veterans and current soldiers for being so giving. My thoughts and prayers are always constant for you and your family. <3