Muffin Mondays-Pittsburgh, Pa Lifestyle Photographer

With school on the brink of beginning in less than TWO weeks....seriously, where did the summer go? I feel like all that rain in the beginning half of the school break took up so many pool side days that we will not get to make up this year! Okay, vent done ;) Back to the muffins. So, with school back in session and early wake up calls, I need to use every trick I can to make my mornings run smoothly. What is better than muffin Mondays...and maybe even Wednesdays and Fridays along with a few hard boiled eggs and some fruit to keep the mornings (and kiddos) on track with minimal cleaning and no cooking. So we decided to try out a few new recipes and our strawberry muffins come with the help of the lovely Ina Garten from the Food Network. (Any other Food Network junkies out there?) She has a lovely and simple recipe that can be found here.  With a few tweaks, we were able to make her muffin recipe our own. We did not mix our wet ingrediants together in one cup. We also cut her recommended sugar by half a cup to our muffin mix and then placed the extra on top of our muffins for some added crunch. But my favorite addition to her recipe was a pair of little hands to help with the prep...and the cleaning! 

Not only was my house smelling wonderful; we also have beautiful and delicious muffins to last us through the week! (If I do not snack on them through the night! shhh)