Valentine's Day Ideas for the whole Family! - Pittsburgh Child Photographer

I leap at any opportunity to create a new tradition or special memory with my family. The seemingly small moments really are what stick out in the forefront of my mind when I reminisce back on my childhood. Ask me what’s the best present I ever received as a kid was… no idea! But I do remember every year putting the ornaments up on the tree together during Christmas time, making huge pots of chili every Halloween night and waking up to green eggs every St. Patrick’s Day. I was blessed with such beautiful memories as a child, I can’t wait to provide my littles with the same gift!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I’ve really been racking my brain on ways to make this February 14th special for not only the husband and me, but for the whole family. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with--  

1.       Secret Valentines- I’ve always adored handmade Valentines. Especially ones made by the littlest of hands. Here’s what you do. Write everyone’s name down on individual slips of paper. Have each person in the family draw a name at random to make a Valentine for. Keep it a secret and get creative! From experience, I can say handmade is always the way to go! On our first Christmas together, my husband and I were of course broke as a joke so we decided to get creative! We wandered around the house, gathering materials and created handmade ornaments for each other. Were they pretty? Heck no! But they truly are some of the most precious and treasured ornaments on the tree every year!

2.       Have a fancy dinner for the whole fam! (Fine china and foie gras not required) Dust off that family recipe card or even better, get the children involved in preparing your home's favorite meal by assigning each member of the family a particular job. To add a touch of magic to the dinner fill up three different sized mason-jars with small heart shaped candies, tie a cute ribbon around the lids and voila! A super cute, and cheap, centerpiece for your dining pleasure. 

3.       Hide the Heart -  I can imagine this would go over super well with the little ones! I see my three year old really enjoying this one. Have them help you cut out various shaped hearts from construction paper and write one reason why you love them on each heart. Hide them around the house and let them go to town! I promise you, your eyes will light up brighter than theirs when they find each hidden message.

I can’t wait to try out all three of these ideas with my family this year! The most important part of any holiday is just spending time loving your family and these ideas allow for the focus to shift to filling the hearts of you and your family. Do you have a super cute tradition with your family or a new idea you’d love to try? Share the love! I can’t wait to hear what ideas all your beautiful minds can come up with!