DIY Valentine’s Day Celebration

We love to celebrate just about anything in our house. Sure, we go all out for birthdays and we sure do love the bigger holidays but sometimes we just need to focus more on the intentions over the price tag . Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to express our love for one another without breaking the bank! 

Now, I have two boys and a sure fire way to their heart really is what is set on the table. The boys LOVE their food. So, I always start there.  


I am a freak fan about bars: taco bars, nacho bars, WAFFLE bars. That’s right, I said it. A waffle bar. I tried a waffle bar out this past Christmas morning and it was a hit and so I plan to recycle the idea for V Day.  But I am also a realist and the day of expressing our inner love falls on a Thursday. A school day. This early morning day. So what’s the plan? Fresh fruit. Redi whip. Mini chocolate chips. Maple syrup. Frozen waffles. Heart shaped cookie cutter. I know you see where this is going, and I like you for it. For your nonjudgmental wink. We do not need fancy here, we just need a little effort is all.


A waffle bar in under 7 minutes, YES! Of course if time allows we can always make waffles from scratch. I have a wonderful lemon waffle recipe we used for Christmas morning that is delightful and I am more than willing to share. While everyone is finishing up breakfast, I will slip away to tape up a few cut out hearts with little reasons why I love each member of my family on their bathroom mirrors and doors to their room. In our house we also like to write on the mirrors with dry erase markers, and I usually take a moment to do the same for Valentine’s Day. It took less than ten minutes to cut out and write on these construction paper hearts the night before and its such an easy way to put “money” in their love tanks while they get ready for school. Then, I leave them up for a few milk it for all it is worth!

After school we will hang out decorating sugar cookies! Depending on time, I will use Alton Brown’s trusty sugar cookie recipe or I will go for the good ol’ prepackaged cookie mix.

Let me take a moment to declare my love for Good Eats. Alton is the man.

Cookies…yes, so we will sit around the table and try to outdo each other on who can have the best looking cookie! Which is what this holiday is all about. Spending time and loving on those who are closest to our hearts.

I was able to score these cute cutters this week at Target for $3!


Now, let me tell you about this super easy icing recipe that I can’t even remember where it came from. Something basic I am sure.

2 cups confectioners sugar
2 Tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon of almond extract or 1 teaspoon lemon juice, if you are anything like my family

Mix together, separate and add food coloring.

Boom. You have icing that will dry and look so good on a sugar cookie. Last year I had an idea to use paint brushes and that worked out pretty well but some times we just use whatever is on hand. A butterknife, leftover chopsticks, a baby fork even!


And just like that, I have expressed how much I admire and love my family. I have spent time with them laughing with a splash of competing. And I did not break a sweat on time and money.

How do you plan to fill your family’s love tanks for 2019?

Me? I will make the cookies. (And I will eat them, too!)