My Birthday Reflection

Hey!! It’s my birthday week, turned the big 3 2.

Birthday’s have always been more of a sour note for me, looking back on my childhood. Not too many great birthday memories come to mind so one could assume I avoid it at all costs. Yet, I absolutely adore birthday’s. I mean, we go ALL OUT for our boys and I use to think that was due to a lack somewhere within myself but as I watched how both my sons also took to celebrating other people I began to doubt that. My youngest just adores all things birthday. And not because he is expecting something in return. He loves to give presents and watch them be opened. It makes his heart happy (and not so happy when he is at a party and doesn’t understand why they will open the gifts later, at home lol). His cousin once opened just his at her party because he was so concerned he was missing it!

Anyhow, this past Christmas season I was told about a comment made from a sweet, older, and much wiser woman whom said a birthday deserves to be celebrated… for that specific time and date God ordained one entering this world. Sure, we get that idea, we are aware of our creator. But to take the time to really consider what that means...HE officially chose this era on the timeline of the world to place you and I here. The one who made the stars in the sky, the one who sent his beautiful son to this earth to give us everlasting life, this same God chose my date of birth.

Just that thought alone… I mean, cmon!

Let’s forget for a moment the length of time and measure on our definition of a “good life” and focus on that one thought for just a second here.

Do you realize just how important you are to God, that he hand picked your arrival? Take a moment and just sit with that fact.

This is what I am currently reflecting on and to be honest with you, it is completely overwhelming. I am never not overwhelmed when I take a moment to stop measuring my life against my expectations and just look at what is and who God is.

Once we see just how special a day of birth is, how can we not want to celebrate that for and with our closest loved ones?

Even when they have passed, that day was still chosen for them and we do not have to pretend that did not happen because they are no longer here in flesh. It is something I tend to avoid because I do not want to upset other family members, but my perspective has shifted in this area and I want to be thankful for God’s order. It is okay to miss our loved ones, and to celebrate who they were in Christ.

You know, I do not believe I was aware of the root to my desire to shower my boys from the moment they woke up and beyond celebrating their day of birth. And then I had this moment listening second hand in a simple conversation about another older woman’s take on birthday’s that just clicked for me. My urge that comes every year was able to connect to this truth and I can’t undo it now. Even my husband made a comment later on in the evening on how true her take on birthday’s were and how he never considered it more than just another day where another baby was born.

So, buckle up boys, even when you are turning 32 I will be there celebrating God’s perfect plan and reminding you just how insanely special you are. <3