Top Two Gifts from Christmas- Canonsburg Photographer

Happy New Year friends!! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season filled with laughs, love and hopefully a fantastic gift! I have to be honest here, I am obsessed with giving gifts. I want to extend the smallest amount of joy to anyone that I can. (Sometimes this includes myself!) Yes, I love to give gifts to myself, HA! 

I wanted to talk a little about my favorite gift, actually I should say two favorite gifts. One given to me from me and the other from my favorite guy in the entire world. That is right ladies, my husband! <3 

Okay, first the gift I gave to myself. I decided I needed to kick off 2017 with a bang as far as being and staying organized go. I have always stressed about schedules with my children and my husband while sort of keeping an eye on anything business or personal project related and I would end up buying four different year planners, use my phone and even turn to a dry erase board to try to stay on top of everything. And EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR I have given up part way in for feeling overwhelmed. It was just too much. I mean, being an organized mother is stressful enough without all these planners…albeit, CUTE as heck planners. 

I did a little research in December and I went back and forth between three or so planners online and I decided to just jump with my instinct and go for one. My planner arrived right before the new year and let me just say that I am IN LOVE!! It is a life saver! I can focus on my creative goals, my family goals and my personal goals. Everything I could want or need is in this beautifully put together planner. It really is well thought out. I can stay on top of drinking all the water I need in a day and remember to clean out the closet, finally! Because I always forget part way though the week. I have a place to record my workflow, focus on my marketing goals, monthly and weekly goals..pretty much anything and everything anyone in a creative focus would need to stay organized. The planner can be made to fit your specific goals and needs. Plus, it is simply GORGEOUS!! 

Okay, so get on with it, right? The planner is actually from Design Aglow and it is THE BIG PICTURE planner.  Seriously, go look at it right now!

I am just so obsessed with this beauty and I feel like I can already breath because once the holiday’s end for us we are thrown right back in to this crazy busy life. A life that I would never trade for anything, but one I would like to keep slightly organized! 

My second gift, that came from husband, is what I call my most amazing accessory E. V. E. R. If you are a Target shopper like me, you would have already been in eye contact with the SIP by S’well water bottle. This amazing company not only makes fantastic products but according to their website they also “are a proud supporter of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, donating $200,000 since 2015 to help provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children.” I mean how could it get any better than that? If you are not that familiar with UNICEF well then you should know that “The U.S. Fund for UNICEF helps save and protect the world's most vulnerable children and are rated as one of the best charities to donate to, 90% of every dollar spent goes directly to help children. I mean…yes please! 

Seriously, these have to be the most adorable water bottles currently in existence and they keep my drink ICE COLD. I took one of these baby’s to Disney World with us and filled it up early morning before we headed to a park and mid afternoon the water was just as refreshing as it was when I first poured it in. I remember my husband being surprised at how cold the water was. (Point for me! Sometimes I know what I am talking about, Chris) I am telling you, grab one asap! 

My husband went out and picked me the most adorable color bottle for Christmas and cannot stop carrying it everywhere!! How fantastic is that color?? I only have two as of now…but I do shop at Target more than I like to admit, so we will see ;) 

Do any of you already have the pleasure of owning either of these items? What was your favorite gift given or recieved?